Harry's Final Message.


‘’Hello everyone, firstly I’d like to thank everyone for attending the academy since the opening. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to attend as many sessions as I’d like to due to starting a family recently and not being able to find the time to be there as much as I can. I am therefore handing over the academy to my closest friend in football Simon Francis. I couldn’t think of anyone better to take over the academy, being the captain of AFC Bournemouth I know that the academy will be in safe hands and I am delighted Franno has agreed to become the new owner of the academy. Thanks again for all your support and getting the academy to where it is today, I hope to see you all soon."

Harry Arter.

Welcome, Simon Francis!


"I’d like to thank Harry for giving me the opportunity to take over the academy. I think he has laid some great foundations down since opening and with the fantastic staff and coach’s available I was delighted to come on board and hopefully expand and take the academy to the next level. As harry has said previously, the most important thing for me going forward is that we continue to make the sessions enjoyable, make the academy a place where the children can make new friends whilst enjoying there football in an exciting environment. 

I know how hard and how pressurised football can be for children at a younger age, I was released from Notts county at 15 because I had a long term injury from overuse, I didn’t want to let the team and manager down by not playing but I wasn’t enjoying it and that ended up affecting my performance which ended up with me being released, this is why I’m excited to become part of this set up where I can watch and hopefully take part in some coaching, with the ultimate goal of expanding the academy throughout Bournemouth.

To all the existing players, I look forward to seeing you and hope to see some new faces down there soon"